Online Baby Shower Given2

An online Baby shower to receive only what you need

Online Baby Shower without commission

A Baby Shower to receive money and gifts

Given2 is the Baby Shower that allows you to receive payments directly to your bank account and real gifts for the birth of your baby, without intermediary costs and fees.

Thanks to parent private social networks, you can find the best baby gifts to put on the registry in 1 click.

Not only Baby shower: the website is ready

The keepsake website of your baby is ready, you can customize it as you like and share it with friends and family, it will be an easy way to communicate with them and thank them for the gift received!

If you already have a your personal website, no problem, you can embed the gift registry in your site with a simple copy-paste, just like you would with a YouTube video.

Online Baby Shower with website

Why choose Given2?

Get Cash Gifts

Get Cash Gifts

Get cash gifts for your baby, and spend it to buy items for your baby at your leisure.

Avoid duplicates

Avoid duplicates

Avoid receiving duplicate gifts, or items you're not going to use. "Who knows better than you what your baby needs? Given2 allows you to get only what you really want and need"

thanks your friends and relatives

Stress free for friends

Avoid the stress on your family and friends to look for the right gift. "Not everybody is an expert in "baby things", and not everybody knows where to buy what you need at a convenient price".

Save time

Save time

Save time using Given2's intuitive platform. Given2 specializes in organizing any aspect to your baby registry. We constantly update Given2 using feedback from real moms and dads to better fit their needs.

How it works?

3 Simple steps to create a baby registry and website with Given2.

  1. Registrati gratis su and create your baby registry
  2. Create a website on or embed into an existing one
  3. Activate the registry only for the days you want to receive gifts.

Given2 costs and services

Pay as you go
Creare and Edit your wish list. From Travels to Electronic gifts or simply 1.000$ of Happiness Manage Your Baby Shower
Customize the website for your event:
Ceremony, Reception, Hotel, Messages and Photo Album.
Event website
Receive Messages from your Guests. You will be able download it or publish into the website. Guestbook
Receive real gifts from Amazon or other shop online. Give instructions for the delivery to your guests... Receive Gifts on Amazon
Receive the gifts amount directly into your current account via: Bank transfer, Credit Card, Paypal, or Cash Gift (the old-fashioned “envelope”!) Receive Cash Gifts
Wire a real internet domain address to your website created with Given2 Internet Domain .us/.com/.net
€1 per day
You can choose how many and when
€ 160
For one year


Julia's mom

Julia's mom
I didn't know what to put in the registry. I found many useful gift ideas through the community.

Gabriel's Mom

Gabriel's Mom
Given2 offers a useful and easy service for mom 2.0. Using the website will be a nice memory in the years to come.

Matthew's dad

Matthew's dad
Terrific, for the first time I got the gifts I really needed! I will definitely recommend using Given2 to friend and family.

Hillary's mom

Hillary's mom
I started using Given2 because a friend suggested it to me. I am really happy because it was so straightforward to use, and even my uncles (who are not young anymore) found the tool intuitive and easy to use.