The Website of your Wedding

A Website comprehensive of wedding list directly linked to your bank account

A professional Website all ready for you

Given2 allows you to create a professional website for your wedding with our system of online wedding list and information on the Ceremony and Party, Photo Album, Instagram photo album,R.S.V.P. and Guestbook. Everything in few clicks without writing the html.

A Wedding Website to communicate with your guests and receive gifts
Online on our network right away, or on your personal domain

Online in less than 5 minutes

Choose now your website address, e.g or buy and link in 1 click a internet domain such as: with your website.

Purchasing a customised domain is optional and it allows you to link an internet domain to the Given2 Website of your Wedding.

Why choose Given2?

1 Click - Zero problems

1 Click - Zero problems

A website with detailed information about your wedding, a wedding list directly linked to your bank account with no handling fees and our tireless support ;)

Easy to use and with no obligations

No obligations

Your website will be online for free on our or network and you will be able to customise your web address. Otherwise, you can buy your personal internet domain for 1 year with no renewal obligation.

Hide your private e-mail

Hide your private e-mail

You can choose to activate a redirect from an e-mail linked to your domain (e.g to your private e-mail, so that it can be used in order to contact other suppliers with no risk of future spam.

To make your website look more professional

To make your website look more professional

A personal domain for your Given2 Website will be the final touch given to your Wedding Website.

How does it work?

3 (+1) simple steps to create the website of your wedding on Given2! :)

  1. Sign up for free on and start creating your website and gift list
  2. Choose the address of your website on (simple and free!)
  3. Activate the Wedding List only for the period during which you want to receive your gifts
  4. If you prefer, you can buy a personal internet domain (25 € all inclusive)

How much does a Wedding List with Website cost?

Let's make an example with 15,000 € wedding list

Creating the website of your wedding is always free, whereas activating the gift receiving service costs 1€ per day.
It's up to you to decide how much you are going to pay
by selecting the starting and ending day of activation.
E.g. if you are going to send your invitations 2 months before your wedding, the cost will be 60€, all inclusive.

Other online gift lists

Amount of money spent in commissions

14700 €

-300 €


Total gift amount

15000 €

60 €

Personal Domain Name

Costs, Rights and duties related to personal internet domains

In case you choose to register a personal internet domain for your website (e.g.

the registration or transfer cost of your personal internet domain is 25 € for the first year (configuration included).

The renovation cost of your personal internet domain is 15 € per year.

All our prices include VAT tax and are available for the following extensions:
.it / .com / .net / / .fr / .de / .us

To learn your rights as internet domain's registrant, click here:
ICANN Registrants' Benefits and Responsibilities

To learn your duties and general responsabilities related to the purchase of an internet domain, read this:
Registrant Rights and Responsibilities

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