Given2 Baptism Gift List

A Baptism Gift List to receive only what you need - with no handling fees

Baptism Gift List with no handling fees

A Baptism Gift List to receive money and gifts

Given2 is the Baptism Gift List that allows you to receive cash gifts directly into your bank accountand material Baptism gifts with no handling fees.

Thanks to the private parents' online community, you'll find the best Baptism gift ideas to be added to the gift list in 1 click.

Not only a Baptism Gift List: your website is all ready

The website for the Baptism is all ready (and it will serve as a virtual souvenir too!). Feel free to customise it and share it with friends and relatives, it will help you communicate with them and thank them for their gifts!

In case you already have your own website, no problem: you can embed the Baptism gift list into your website with a simple copy & paste function, like an ordinary YouTube video.

Online Baptism Gift List and Website

Why choose Given2?

online baptism gift list with no handling fees

Neither middlemen nor commission fees

Gift amounts intended for your baptism gift list are directly tranferred into your bank account via safe payment methods: bank transfer, cash gift, credit card, or PayPal.

The online baptism gift list with any gift you want

No obligations: add the gift you want to your list right away

You can choose to receive money or material products from various e-commerce platforms (e.g. Amazon). Your guests will be able to make their gift in the comfort of their home with no time restriction, queue, and above all with no stress.

thank your friends and relatives right away

Thank for the received gifts

You are going to receive live notifications every time a guest gives you a gift, so to thank them right away!

online baptism gift list with plenty of features

To have everything under control

Everything you need is just a few clicks away: whole gifts, gifts divided in portions, messages, maps and photo albums; baptism guest confirmations, stats and e-mail notifications.

How does it work?

3 simple steps to create your online Baptism Gift List and your Website on Given2!

  1. Sign up for free on and start creating your website and gift list
  2. Choose the address of your website on (simple and free!)
  3. Activate your list just for the period you need to receive your gifts.

What do the parents say about it?

Giulia's Mom

Giulia's Mom
At first I didn't even know what to add to my list, but with the help of the community I found a lot of useful ideas!

Gabriele's Mom

Gabriele's Mom
A very simple service for the 2.0 moms. Plus the website will be a nice souvenir for the years to come

Matteo's Dad

Matteo's Dad
With Given2 I managed to receive gifts that I really wanted and needed, great!

Ilaria's Mom

Ilaria's Mom
I chose Given2 because a friend of mine used it a couple of months ago. Everything was fine with it, even the older guests used it!

christening gift list etiquette

Baby Registry or Christening Gift List? Differences and etiquette

In case you decide to create a Christening Gift List, first of all check if you already have a Baby Registry and then two possible solutions are available:

  1. Have you created a Baby Registry yet? If yes, you can embed in the Christening Gift List all the Baby Shower Gift List gifts that you haven't bought yet or that you have found to be very useful for your baby and for you
  2. Have you created a Baby Shower Gift List yet? If not, surely the Christening Gift List will be longer and more similar to a Baby Shower Gift List. The only difference is that the Baby Shower Gift List is generally drawn up when the couple is still “waiting” for the baby, whereas the Christening Gift List is created some moths after the baby’s birth

Nevertheless, this determines a great difference as for the content of the Baby Registry itself, since by that time the parents will surely have already bought many things.

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