Given2 Online Baby Registry

an online baby shower gift registry to receive only what you need

Online Baby Registry with no commission

An Online Baby Registry to receive gifts and money

Given2 is the baby registry that makes you receive both real gifts and money amounts for your baby's birth directly into your bank account, with no middlemen nor commissions.

The Given2 online baby registry is all you need to welcome and celebrate the birth of your baby in the easiest, safest, and cheapest way!

Just imagine to be able to create a baby registry to receive money but including at the same time both concrete gifts available in shops and invented gifts such as "happiness"; all this is possible, along with the possibility to have your guests pay by credit card, paypal or bank transfer!

Given2 doesn't imply any purchase obligation, and you will always receive the money amount equivalent to the gifts chosen by your friends and relatives, so that you will be able to buy every product when you really need it and at the best price.

Not only a Online Baby Registry: your website is all ready

In addition to the baby registry, Given2 allows you to create a website easy to customize in order to share the happiness of your baby's birth with friends and relatives.

You will also able to communicatewith them and to thank them for the received gifts, plus it can be a nice souvenir to cherish over the time…Who know, maybe one day your kid will be curious about their very special first moments of life!

Your baby's privacy and yours are important to us. Your privacy is safe with us! Only you and your guests will know the web address created with Given2. Every message and photo between you and your guests will enjoy the strictest confidence.

Online Baby Registry and a website

Why choose Given2?

online baby shower gift registry with no commissions

Neither middlemen nor commission fees

Gift amounts intended for your baby shower gift registry are directly tranferred into your bank account via safe payment methods: bank transfer, cash gift, credit card, or PayPal.

The online baby shower gift registry with any gift you want

No obligations: add the gift you want to your list right away

You can choose to receive money or material products from various e-commerce platforms (e.g. Amazon). Your guests will be able to make their gift in the comfort of their home with no time restriction, queue, and above all with no stress.

thank your friends and relatives right away

Thank for the received gifts

You are going to receive live notifications every time a guest gives you a gift, so to thank them right away!

online baby shower gift registry with plenty of features

To have everything under control

An online user-friendly service tailor-made for 2.0 mums, offering total control over your gifts.

How does it work?

3 simple steps to create your online Online Baby Registry and your Website on Given2!

  1. Sign up for free on and start creating your own baptism gift registry
  2. Choose your website address on (simple and free!)
  3. Activate your gift registry just for the period you need to receive your gifts.

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