Online Wedding Registry Given2

the first "direct" wedding registry without intermediaries or commissions

A wedding Registry to receive money in an elegant way

Given2 is the Online Wedding Registry made in Italy for couples 2.0. It allows you to create a wedding registry to receive sums of money on your account in an elegant way.

With Given2 there is no limit to your creativity! You can create a wedding registry of all kinds, from the trip to the washing machine and, if you'd like, even a little fundraising. Everything without commission and without obligation to purchase whatsoever.

Wedding Registry without commission
Online Wedding Registry with website

Not only wedding registry: the website is ready

The website of your wedding is ready, you can customize it as you like and share it with your guests, it will be an easy way to communicate with them and thank them for the gift received!

If you already have your own personal website, no problem, you can embed your wedding registry in your site with a simple copy-paste, just like you would with a youTube video.

Why use Given2?

No commissions, no intermediary fees

No commissions, no intermediary fees

Receive money directly to your bank account, with no intermediaries. There are four ways to receive a gift on Given2: credit card through Paypal, online purchase, cash gift, and wire transfer.

All you need is... one registry

All you need is... one registry

Receive all the gifts you want in just a few clicks. Get discounts, and compare prices and reviews from the comfort of your home!

Cost effective

Cost effective

Create a wedding registry for free. When you decide to activate the registry, the cost is only 1€ per day.

Easy to manage

Easy to manage

Check at any time your wedding registry, RSVP from guests, messages, photo gallery.

How it works?

3 Simple steps to create a registry and a wedding website with Given2.

  1. Sign up for free to and create your wedding registry
  2. Create a wedding website like or embed into an existing one
  3. Activate the registry only for the days you want to receive gifts.

Given2 costs and services

Pay as you go
Creare and Edit your wish list. From Travels to Electronic gifts or simply 1.000$ of Happiness Manage Your Wedding Registry
Customize the website for your event:
Ceremony, Reception, Hotel, Messages and Photo Album.
Event website
Receive Messages and High resolution Photos from your Guests. You will be able download it or publish into the website. Guestbook & Guest Photo upload
Receive presence confirmations, food preferences and song suggestions. Rsvp confirmations
Receive real gifts from Amazon or other shop online. Give instructions for the delivery to your guests... Receive Gifts on Amazon
Receive the gifts amount directly into your current account via: Bank transfer, Credit Card, Paypal, or Cash Gift (the old-fashioned “envelope”!) Receive Cash Gifts
Wire a real internet domain address to your website created with Given2 Internet Domain .us/.com/.net
€1 per day
You can choose how many and when
€ 160
For one year

How much does a wedding registry cost with Given2

For example 15.000€ of gifts

Create the website of the wedding with Given2 is always free, while the price to Unlock the gifts registry is 1€ per day.
Your one-time subscription price will be calculated based on how long you need to receive gifts and money, by choosing the start and end date of activation.
For example if you want to receive gifts from two months before the wedding, the total cost will be 60€.

Other wedding Registry

Amount lost for fees

€ 14.700

- € 300

Given2 Online Wedding Registry

Whole amount in gifts

€ 15.000

€ 60

Opinions on Given2

Lou and Amy

Lou and Amy
The ultimate solution to the age-old problem of the wedding gift list! Easy to use, enjoyable and with a clear price policy.

Ally and Frank

Ally and Frank
After searching around, finally we found what we need!

Bob and Michelle

Bob and Michelle
We felt closer to the guests because we were able to thank them immediately after receiving the gift.

Paul and Frances

Paul and Frances
A time saver web application for you and your guests!