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You'll receive the money directly from parents and friends. There's no financial brokerage.
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Given2 | One List Any Gift: wedding registry, baptism, graduation.

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Why Given2

Choose the gifts you likes without constraints

Choose all that you like

numerous gift ideas without limits

Zero commissions

All the money in your bank account, without fees

Money in your bank account without fees
Money in your bank account without fees

Involve friends and family

with the email notifications you'll be able to thank them for the gift

Easily creates the website of your event

immediately online at or

Easily create your wedding website with Given2
You can embed the gifts list into your website using our plugins

If you already have a website

use our plugin to embed the gifts list and the guestbook. Easy like a youtube video

Everything is in your hands

email notifications and statistics in real time

Given2 offers many features to keep everything under control


Register and create your gift list for free. Activate it only when it is right for you: price is 1 euro per day.

Less than a coffee per day for all the gifts you want!

1 euro per day only in for the period you need

For example a wedding list:

Equivalent in money for an average wedding list: 15000 $

Average days of activation for a wedding list: 60 $

Online standard
Wedding list

15000 $

- 300$

Money spent for transactions fees


15000 $

60 $

Full amount in gifts